JMU Student Charged with Threat
A James Madison University student has been charged with making a threat, not against the university, but against a high school.

Unemplyment Drops
A strong improvement in the September  unemployment numbers.The Virginia Employment Commission says that  the statewide unemployment  rate for September was 5.2 percent down half a percent from August.
A strange twist in an Augusta County bank robbery trial
The man charged in the case, Daniel Zawhorodny was on the stand yesterday when the hearing was abruptly stopped and rescheduled for November.

Court reviewing Va. death row isolation policy
A lawyer for the state has asked a federal appeals court to approve Virginia's policy of automatically holding death row inmates in solitary confinement.
Sugar Grove...Prison or Foster Facility?
A prison is not the only idea being floated for the next life of a soon to be closed Naval base in nearby Pendleton County.

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